The Michigan State Numismatic Society

New MSNS Member Benefit—Save on Shipping and Insurance with "Ship and Insure"

Director Ron Sirna has negotiated an arrangement with the North American Collectibles Association (NACA) to provide MSNS members the opportunity to get insurance through Ship and Insure.  They can enjoy a 40% discount on Fedex shipping too.  Thanks Ron!

Members who want to take advantage of this offer can join for 6 months for a trial rate of $45.  If they like their savings, they can then renew for one year more at $90.  The normal rate is $135 per year.  Go to and sign up today!

Director Sirna had previously negotiated this same trial offer and benefit for the American Numismatic Association, and now he has done it for us.  Be sure to check it out — there's no risk beyond the small price of the trial offer!