The Michigan State Numismatic Society


Adult Best-of-Show: Paul Schilling Memorial Award

Junior Best of Show: The Florence Schook Memorial Award

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1st place sponsored by Liberty Coins/Pat Heller

3rd place sponsored by the Jackson Area Coin Club

9. “The World’s Most Beautiful Coin.” 2 cases. James Zylstra.

13. “The 1956 Franklin Half.” 3 cases.  Mark Benvenuto.

THIRD25.  “An Interesting Selection of Unattributed U.S. Counterstamped Coins.” 1 case. Bill Summerell.

SECOND30.  “Selected Dollar Coins With Clipped Planchet Errors.” 2 cases. Steve Roach.

FIRST31. “U.S.—Philippines Type Set.” 3 cases. Steve Bieda.


3rd place sponsored by Joseph Boling.

SECOND 5. “A Variety of Houghton, Michigan Nationals.” 5 cases. David Gelwicks.

7. “Federal Reserve Notes of 1914.” 2 cases. Thomas Owens.

THIRD24. “Selected U.S. Error Notes.” 2 cases. Dany Rothfeld.

25. “Joshua Barney—U.S. Naval Patriot.” 1 case. Bill Summerell.

FIRST29. “Selected Michigan Nationals From Port Huron.” 4 cases. Dan Freeland.

3. FOREIGN COINS AFTER 1500 (Modern)

3rd place sponsored by John Chirco.

THIRD6. “The Half Dollars of Newfoundland: 1870-1919.” 1 case. Steve Grady.

SECOND8. “Circulating Coin Types of 1964.” 7 cases. Tom Klunzinger.

FIRST10. “Canadian Silver and Nickel Dollar Errors.” 6 cases. John Kosakowski.

25. “The Pillar Dollar: America’s Inspiration.” 1 case. Bill Summerell.


FIRST29. “Selected Canadian Victory Loan Bonds.” 3 cases. Dan Freeland.


3. “Fashion Medals: Selected Medallic Honors of the Past.” 2 cases. Diana Jellinek.

SECOND11. “They Also Ran: Medals of Failed Presidential Campaigns, 1840-1856.” 5 cases. Ernie Nagy.

14. “Indian Tribal Series Medallions.” 7 cases.   Andrew Blinkiewicz.

FIRST23. “Official Bronze Inaugural Medals 1933-2013.”  4 cases. Tom Dombrowski.

THIRD31. “Selected Medals Depicting Uncle Sam.” 3 cases. Steve Bieda.


FIRST3. “Mmmmm: A Special Blend of Coffee Cup Type Tokens.” 5 cases. Diana Jellinek.

SECOND22. “The Game of Thrones: Coins of Fire and Ice.” 3 cases. Jason Paonessa.


17. “Dressage on Coins.” 3 cases. Mary Frances Mueller.

SECOND21. “The GM Tech Center Roller Press Cent.” 2 cases. Joe Paonessa.

26. “Savings Banks of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” 5 cases. David Hunsicker.

FIRST27. “ANA Women’s Badges.” 2 cases. Kathy Freeland.

THIRD31. “Remnant of Things Great And Glorious—1996 Hub for Olympic Medal.” 1 case. Steve Bieda.

PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD 32. “You Ought to Bank in Auto Banks.” 5 cases. Karl Mark Pall.

8. FOREIGN COINS BEFORE 1500 (Ancients)

2nd place sponsored by the Lansing Coin Club, John Atanasoff Award.

3rd place sponsored by John Chirco.

THIRD9. “Coins From the Cities of the Seven Churches of Asia.” 4 cases. James Zylstra.

13. “The Corinthian States: Ancient & Modern Images.” 2 cases. Mark Benvenuto.

SECOND24. “Portraits of the Twelve Caesars On Sestertii.” 5 cases. Dany Rothfeld.

27. “Traveling with Hadrian: A Numismatic Journey.” 4 cases. Kathy Freeland.

30. “Numismatic Depictions of Power.” 1 case. Steve Roach.

FIRST AND  ADULT BEST OF SHOW18. “They Flap, Flutter and Float: Various winged Immortals Appearing on Coins From Ancient

       To Modern.” 5 cases. Larry Sekulich.


1st place sponsored by the Huron Valley Numismatic Society.

SECOND16. “Selected Walking Liberty Half Dollars.” 1 case. Bridget Boczar.

FIRST20. “Buffalo Nickels and Their Unique Counterpart: Hobo Nickels.” 2 cases. Grace Boczar.

10. JUNIORS AGES 13-17

1st place sponsored by Ron Stoutjesdyk

2nd place sponsored by the Northwest Coin Club in memory of Florence Schook.

3rd placed sponsored by the Polish-American Numismatic Society

SECOND4. “Specially Chosen U.S. Dime Type Set 1807-Present.” 7 cases. Adrian Jellinek.

15. “The Legendary Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.” 1 case. Jack Boczar.

THIRD19. “Jackson’s Centennial Medal.” 2 cases. David Deighton.

FIRST AND JUNIOR BEST OF SHOW 22. “The ANA’s David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project.” 2 cases. Jason Paonessa.


FIRST30.  “The Medallic Response to World War I: Erzsebert Von Esseo’s Revolution.”  2 cases. Steve Roach.


NC-1a. “Banknotes and Coins of the State Loan East Bank.” 3 cases. Frank Passic.

NC-1b. “The 1863 A. & J. Gale Token of Jonesville, Michigan.” 1 case. Frank Passic

NC-2. “Chocolate Coins.” 25 cases. Al Bobrofsky.