The Michigan State Numismatic Society

Paul Johnson and Julianna Wostyn

Al Bobrofsky, Julianna Wostyn, Ann Bobrofsky

Dave Harper, Ann Bobrofsky

Jeff Garrett, Paul Johnson

Jeff Garrett, Dr. John Chirco

Al Bobrofsky, Julianna Wostyn

David Malhalab, Jen Strub

Ken Potter, Cliff Mishler, Randy Thern ,Dave Harper

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MSNS Board being sworn in for the next term

Ann Bobrofsky, Julianna Wostyn


Ernie Nagy, Steve Beida


Dan Freeland receiving Best of Show Paper Money

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Just a few of the folks that attended our breakfast awards banquet


Bill Anderson, Kathy Freeland

Al Bobrofsky,

Bill Anderson, Steve Freidman

Frank Passic, Bill Anderson

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