The Michigan State Numismatic Society

MSNS Code of Ethics

1) To base all of commercial dealings on the best available numismatic information.

2) To the best of our ability, to furnish our clientele with the numismatic information necessary to make an informed decision.

3) To fulfill all contracts, whether oral or written.

4) When purchasing numismatic items, to make prompt payments upon receipt of the items and to return immediately any item that is not satisfactory.

5) To take immediate steps to correct any error made in any transaction.

6) To conform to accepted standards of advertising.

7) To refuse to buy or sell any item of which the ownership is questionable.

8) To represent a numismatic item to be genuine only when, to the best available knowledge and belief, it is genuine.

 9) To allow our customers a designated period of time in which to return numismatic material for a refund and to provide a refund or replacement for any item that is misrepresented whether or not the misrepresentation was intentional.

10) To abide by all local, state and federal laws relating to numismatic matters and, when applicable, to assist in the prosecution of violators of those laws.