The Michigan State Numismatic Society


Mike Dennany    Saturday, April 9 @ 1:00 p.m. - Room 145

This talk is about the Frankenstein story and the Numismatic connections. It will cover Frankenstein exonumia, currency and places. Mr. Dennany will talk about Marry Shelly and the Frankenstein story connections that made Frankenstein famous.

Morgan Dollar 101

Brett Irick         Saturday, April 9 @ 1:00 PM - Macomb Room

Morgan silver dollars are one of the most popular collecting areas in United States numismatics.  Produced from 1878 to 1921, most sat in U. S. Mint and Treasury vaults in uncirculated condition and used as the collateral used to back Silver Certificate paper money.  Fortunately for collectors, collectors and dealers discovered this treasure in the 1940s and earnestly started redeeming Silver Certificates for these silver dollar coins.  Thanks to their efforts, many of these coins are affordable in uncirculated condition even when on a modest budget.   The talk will provide you with a brief history of these interesting coins, the different ways you can collect them, grading basics, review of books and internet resources on the subject and how to make better buys. 

“United States Paper Money Types and History”

Jeffrey R. Paunicka    Saturday, April 9 @ 2:00 p.m. - Room 145

This graphical presentation will cover the beauty and wide assortments of paper currency used

within the United State of America since its inception in the 1700’s. It will include topics of the historical references, economic conditions, monetary backing and the methodology of distribution of currency. It will also include the technical issues that are of importance to collectors and those who are interested in the background of how these notes came to be utilized in the world of commerce for more than 250 years. These discussions are meant to support and provide guidance to all collectors in establishing a good foundation to proudly create a portfolio that best represents Americana.   (MORE INFO)

Collecting Half Dollars:   The Biggest Fun with the Second Biggest U.S. Silver Coin?

Mark Benvenuto     Saturday, April 9 @ 3:00 p.m. - Room 145

The smaller sibling of the much loved United States silver dollar, half dollars have a long and fascinating history.  There are some expensive rarities in the two century history of the denomination, but some surprisingly common dates as well.  This talk will examine how to find affordable half dollars, how to build a substantial collection, and how to have fun as you go.  From the earliest halves to the modern, common Kennedys, there is truly something for everyone in the half dollar series.