The Michigan State Numismatic Society

Another successful Convention and coin show.
(C) David L. Malhalab, MNS Photo

MSNS Board members, charter members and long time members got together at the MSNS Show. MSNS Board member, Albert Bobrofsky (L), Don Charters, Dr. Arthur Clark -MSNS Charter member (88 yrs old), Kenneth McLain, MSNS Charter member (98 years old), and legenday 'Mr Elongated' Ray Dilliard, got together at the MSNS Spring Show for a ageless photo.   MNS Photo

Together and having fun - Sue and Keith Bauman. of TNA Associates, showed a variety on numismatic items to their customers.  MNS Photo

Kelsey Olson, (14) has a complete Wheat penny collection and she got to check out the dealers and hopefully to add to her collecting efforts.
MNS Photos

Andrew K and Andrew A. Johnson, dad and son from Grosse Isle, enjoyed time together going through coins at the MSNS Coin Show.                       MNS Photo

Young collectors, Bridgett, Jack and Grace Boczar show off the collectible currency that was given to them at TNA Associates table for stopping by, with hopes to encourage them to become numismatic collectors.                    MNS Photo

Wall to wall coin dealers and aisles filled with coin collectors made for a successful MSNS Convention and Coin Show.
MNS Photo

Sue Bauman poses with the Tran family, of Westland, Anthony with his daughters, Maya, Thrisha and Katie, recieved a gift of colorful currency from Sue, TNA Associates, for stopping by her table.
MNS Photo

Tom Priebe, TJ Coins met David and they looked to add to his collection.               MNS Photo

Roxanne and Grace Boczar, of Canton, shared time together going throught coins that they both collect, looking to add to the collection.              MNS Photo

Caught, Barbara Greeson, a Motor City Stamp and Cover Club member, adding to her coin collection at Don and Hanna Reid's, Redford Coin table.                  MNS Photo

Coin Supplies want supplies - we have them at the MSNS Show.                     MNS Photo

Coin dealers met coin the MSNS Show.            MNS Photo

Busy busy busy, coin dealers and collectors all got together to do business and the show floor was crowded.                  MNS Photo

Coin dealers and collectors met and mingled on the Show floor, doing business.
MNS Photo

Coin dealers and coin collectors met to do business during the MSMS Convention and Coin Show.                      MNS Photo

Joe Peruski, of Monroe Currency and Coin, had customers surround his table, during the MSNS Show.                  MNS Photo

NO time for horsing around - Pat Muscat, former Detroit Police Mounted Police Inspector, is now a respected and successful coin collector and dealer.
MNS Photo