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Nominees have until May 31, 2020 to accept the nomination. Please mail or deliver your written acceptance to Deborah McNeil.  If you mail a letter, it should have a postmark no later than May 31. If you email your acceptance to Deborah McNeil please follow up with a phone call to make sure she received it ok.  You may also hand deliver your letter to Deborah McNeil at any time before the deadline date.  If  Deborah McNeil does not hear from the nominee MSNS will assume that you have declined, you may also formally decline by contacting Deborah McNeil as stated above.   

If you accept your nomination, please provide Mike Strub a maximum 200-word biography, detailing your services to MSNS and to numismatics in general. This will appear in the MichMatist and is a required part of your acceptance.

Section 3. The President, in each election year (i.e. 1972 and each even-numbered year thereafter), shall issue a call for nominations of Officers and Directors, which shall be published in the appropriate issue of The Mich-Matist or in a newsletter, which issue or newsletter shall be mailed to all members of the Society by April 1 of the said election year. All nominations shall be made in writing to the Secretary during the period from April 1 through May 1 of said election year. Nominations may be made by all members, other than Junior Members. No member may nominate himself, or herself, or nominate for office a number of candidates in excess of that to be elected for said office. The Secretary shall promptly write to each member receiving at least two nominations for a given office, notifying him or her of such nomination and requesting his or her written acceptance or refusal thereof. Such nominee shall mail or deliver such written acceptance or refusal to the Secretary not later than May 31 of said election year or, upon failing to do so, shall be deemed to have declined such nomination. No nominee may accept a nomination for more than one elective office in any one election.

MSNS Nominations Open on April 1, 2020 and Close on May 1, 2020

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