The Michigan State Numismatic Society

Notice of ANA Scholarship Award for ANA Summer Seminar:

To all Michigan State Numismatic Society Members:

Michigan State Numismatic Society has been awarded a full scholarship for any class at the

upcoming June ANA Summer Seminar. MSNS received notification of this award in

mid-December, 2019. The MSNS Board has determined that it would like to give a worthy MSNS

member an opportunity to receive this Scholarship Award.

The ANA has indicated that this award can be used by the recipient for a 2019 Summer Seminar

class, or if no suitable class is available during the 2019 Summer Seminar, the Scholarship Award

may be extended to the 2020 ANA Summer Seminar classes.

The Award is restricted by the ANA to an adult recipient, so whomever receives the Award must

be 18 years of age at the time the selected ANA Summer Seminar class begins.

MSNS is requesting that any eligible MSNS member who is interested in attending an ANA

Summer Seminar class apply to MSNS indicating why you feel you would be a good candidate

to receive this Scholarship award. Further, any MSNS club or MSNS member may nominate an

MSNS member to receive this award. Applications or nominations must be submitted in writing

by mail or email on or before Wednesday, April 10, 2019 to the MSNS Secretary, Deborah

McNeill, at the following address:

Michigan State Numismatic Society

P. O. Box 301

Algonac, Michigan 48001

Applications or nominations may also be submitted in writing to MSNS at the MSNS Club table

during the MSNS Spring Convention through Friday, April 12, 2019 by the close of business on

that day.

The MSNS Board will review the applications and nominations and make a decision by April 20,

2019. The winning recipient will be notified within 10 business days after the MSNS Board


A short (150 words or less) statement should accompany the application or nomination indicating

why the proposed recipient would be a good candidate to receive the Scholarship.

The 2019 ANA Summer Seminar will be held on June 15-20, 2019 (1st session) and June 22-27,

2019 (2nd session) . Seminar information can be viewed on the ANA website at the following URL:

Note: Any applicant or nominee who is under age 18, but who will be age 18 by the start of the

ANA Summer Seminar Classes should list his or her date of birth so that MSNS will be able to

determine that they will be qualified to receive the Scholarship should he or she be selected. The

same would apply if the applicant or nominee would be  age 18 by the start of the 2020 ANA

Summer Seminar, which is expected to start in mid-June, 2020.