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“An Extended Introduction To Minting Errors and Varieties”

Ken Potter will present an all-new lecture on how errors are logically categorized into three "divisions" within the "Planchet, Die and Striking areas of the minting process known as the PDS System. This presentation will show many of error variety types. Examples of a number of each of the main divisions such as Clips, Laminations and Split Off Clad Layers for the Planchet Division; Doubled Dies, Overdates and Die Clashes for the Die Division; and Off Centers, Double Strikes and Off Metal Strikes for the Striking Division will be shown in Power Point with narration by Ken Potter. Some actual examples of the error-variety coins and Mint tooling (dies, collars, hubs, punches, etc.) will also be present for viewing. This will be followed by a question/answer period.

About the speaker, Ken Potter. Ken Potter is an Error Variety Specialist, an author and photographer, with featured articles in Coin World, Numismatic News, Canadian Coin News and various other numismatic publications. Mr. Potter is also the editor of Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties.

“Confederate Perspective on Currency”

Jeffery R. Paunicka.  This presentation covers the currency, economy, monetary instruments and significant cultural events that were depicted on the paper money issued by the Confederate States of America. Discussions are presented of the Confederate leaders who shaped the direction of this movement that challenged the Union of the United States which was barely 100 years old. Included are topics that will assist the collector to understand what should be considered in creating a great set that best represents this critical part of history In America.

Preliminary Quiz

1861-1865 - CivilWar

Division of States

C.S.A Leaders

International Involvement

Warships from Overseas

Confederate Monetary Instruments

Confederate Coins

United States Mint Facilities

Promissory Note

Union Currency Devaluation

Confederate Inflation - Devaluation

Confederate Paper Money - Selected Facts

Type Collecting - Identification

Issued Series & Summary


Printers & Engravers

Series 1  1861

Series 2  1861

Series 3  1861

Series 4  1862

Unissued Essay Notes

Redemption Clauses

Series 5  1862 - Reverse Printing Begins

Series 6  1863 - Design Standardization

Series 7  1864

Summary of Notes Issued By C.S.A.

Value of Currency Issued Annually


Cancellations Stamp Marks


Condition - Grading Factors


Counterfeit Detection

Counterfeit Examples

Allegorical Figures & Examples

Confederate Bonds

Bond Coupons

Last Attempt on Bonds

Confederate Treasury Myths

Factual Events

Davis as Author

Reference Material

Final Quiz

Acknowledgments & Thanks

“Consumer Protections When Buying and Selling Precious Metals”

Patrick Heller. Once someone has decided that they should own some precious metals, turning that decision into action can be a challenge.  How can you find a reliable dealer who will serve you at a competitive delivered price?  Is there a best place to store your purchases?  In this program, the speaker provides some nuts and bolts details of ways to find to help identify good dealers.  In addition, he reveals dozens of way in which some dealers try to deceive potential customers about their products, pricing, and customer services.  Learn the red flags of dealers to completely avoid.  This program has lots of money-saving information useful to the novice and even the experienced buyer and seller of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium

Toning - the good, the bad and the ugly?

Steve Friedman will bring forth his vast knowledge on toned coins - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Mr. Friedman's discussion will cover:

-Toning by definition

-What's considered good or bad?

-Cause and it's effectiveness

-Different types and how they happen

-What do the grading services say?

-Examples will be exhibited showing how coins toned.


Michigan State Numismatic Society, in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Coin Club, proudly presents a unique one day educational experience in Western Michigan

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Sat., Sept 19, 2015

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Limited to the first 40 Registrations for this seminar program.

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Free refreshments and lunch to be provided for attendees.

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