The Michigan State Numismatic Society

January 23, 2011 Show

by Michael E. Marotta (MSNS 7935)

In a hobby where knowledge is king, it is appropriate that when you walk in the door, the first person you see is Chuck Avery and his books. But we are not here for intellectual abstractions, and the next thing you see is the certification providers, Michigan Masters Numismatic Services.

The Chelsea show is local for me, and I attended often. Twice, I rented a table. It makes the buy and sell a little easier and you can relax and chat with your neighbors. This is a show where personal relations count and this time, I was happy to meet some new faces as I walked the floor.

Joe Persuski and Don Moore from Monroe each had a table. Joe specializes in paper, especially local issues, but the broad range, as well. I watched as he apologized for the history lesson, while explaining the story behind the story to a mom and her daughter who were curious about their hometown nationals. Don does business as Working Man Coins and he lives up to the name. In addition to being an officer in the Monroe club, he is in Central States and the downriver Lincoln club.

Making the rounds, I introduced myself to Domenic Grossi, who has a local shop in Rochester Hills, and Beau Ulichen Radloff who is easy to find online as and, among several other domain names. Newbie Chad Wakefield was set up across the aisle from Ron d/b/a "Black Hat" a show regular who sets up to sell off his Morgan dollars. Ron brought his cousin Shirley, a retired gun dealer.

Of course, it is always nice to greet old friends. Fred Beksa and I know each other the Livingston County Coin Club We talked about the good things they were doing to support the hobby in their community. I brought U.S. 90% to show organizer Rich Michalewicz who turned me over to Nicole, the architect of his dreams. MSNS convention regulars would easily recognize the security here at Chelsea, provided by Mike Vernier.